Jonathan's Testimony

I was very blessed to be born and raised in an Independent Baptist Church. My dad, Doug Fisher, has been the pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church all of my life. I have seven brothers and sisters, so there was always someone to play, laugh, or fight with. My mom is the Godliest woman I know, she is a picture of grace and beauty both within and without. I praise the Lord for the family God has placed me in. 

At the age of twelve, I attended a teen camp with our youth group from Lighthouse. After hearing the message, "No Gut's, No Glory" by Pastor Eddie Wyatt, I went outside the chapel to accept Christ as my Savior. I knew that I didn't have a testimony. I had heard how it worked all of my life, and I thought I had an idea of how it should go. "If I show God how much I understand about this gift of salvation, if I pray an elegant enough prayer to earn the favor of God, surely He will hear and save me," I thought to myself. I did pray that day, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that God did not save me that day. 

Fast forward six years to Hot Springs Arkansas. I was at work reading my Bible through the book of Revelations. As I finished the book, I began to think about how wonderful heaven would be. I read about how only the nations of the saved would go, and that you had to have your name written in the Lambs Book of Life. I thought, "I'm so happy my name is in that book." It was then that the Holy Spirit revealed to me in a moment, "You know you are not saved, right?" It hit me like a ton of bricks. I tried to tell the Lord about the time when I was twelve and prayed to get saved. Very clearly, the Lord helped me to understand that He had not saved me that day. Yes, I prayed, and probably put up a pretty good prayer, but God saw through my pride. 

I became very afraid the moment that I realized I wasn't saved. All the verses I had just read about hell and the lake of fire became alive in my mind. I told my boss I was feeling sick and needed to go home early. (I truly was feeling sick) I tried to call my mom, my dad, no one was available. Finally, I got ahold of Pastor Aaron Weido who was a classmate at that time. He came and picked me up from work. 

By the time Pastor Weido reached me, I was shaking and crying, it was Holy Spirit conviction that penetrated my soul. I whimpered and told Aaron, "I.. I.. kn..know, I'm not saved." I was terrified. In my mind, if I prayed as good as I did when I was twelve and the Lord had not done His work then, maybe I was doomed to hell for my sin. Aaron kept telling me over and over again, "Just let go and let God. He loves you, He wants to save you. Just let go and let God." 

We pulled off to the side of the road and there I prayed my sinner's prayer. "Lord Jesus, if you can, you do it." It wasn't too good of prayer, but God knew my heart. At that moment the God of all heaven and earth came into my heart. I had an immediate sense of cleansing and weight being lifted, at the same time there was a filling that I had never known before. I knew it was the Holy Spirit of God that had come to take residence in my heart. 

As I laid my head on my pillow that night, I looked out of my window to pray to the God way up in the stars somewhere. His Spirit said to me from within, "I'm right here inside you. I'm not going anywhere." That was January 10th, 2008. My life has never been the same since. Praise the Lord for the saving work of Jesus Christ. Do you know the Savior? Do you know if today was your last day would God let you into heaven? If not, please click this link for a clear presentation of the Gospel.