The FIsher Family

The FIsher Family


We are the Fisher family, headed to Southeast Alaska. Can you imagine an area the size of Florida with only three Independent Baptist Churches? With over 73,000 people residing in this area, there is an incredible need for laborers in the harvest. Many of the villages in this region have no gospel witness at all. We are so blessed to have a local New Testament church in our area to attend and in most cases several to choose from. However, for most of those who live in the villages of Southeast Alaska, there is no place to go hear a clear presentation of the gospel.

This area has been a stronghold of darkness. Currently, one of the villages has a crime rate twice as high as Chicago’s rate. For the children and teenagers of these villages, there is no way of escaping the dark culture that has enslaved the population.

Ten years ago, during my studies at Bible college in Hot Springs, Arkansas, I received Christ as my Savior and felt the calling of the Lord to return to San Diego. God opened the door for me to serve alongside Pastor Jaysen Brown at Victory Baptist Church in El Cajon, California. It was during that time I met my wife, Ruth. We now have two beautiful children and are excited about serving the Lord as a family.

My wife and I were both born into preacher’s homes and have had the privilege to work and serve in churches all over America. We are looking to partner with local churches to see the good news reach Southeast Alaska.

We will be operating out of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Juneau, Alaska under the leadership of Pastor Joe Mishler. This will not only provide us a good hub from which to reach out into the surrounding villages, but also give us a place to worship and connect while we are not in those villages. Would you pray for us and consider partnering with us in our endeavors to reach the lost in Southeast Alaska?