Population - about 40,000

Church -

Lighthouse Baptist Church, Pastor Joe Mishler

Juneau is our first step, on the road to reaching into Southeast Alaska. Here we will learn the language, (most speak english but I am referring to the culture) learn to live in Alaska, be a blessing to the church, and build relationships with people from villages. 

We plan to build these relationships through hospital, prison, and nursing home ministry. 


Population - about 800

Churches - 

United Pentecostal Church 

Hoonah Presbyterian Church 

Catholic Church of Hoonah


Population - about 550

Churches - 

Gustavus Assembly of God 

Holy Family Catholic Church

Gustavus is just a short boat ride out of Hoonah. The people of Gustavus either go to Hoonah or Juneau for supplies, entertainment, and services. 

This is a hub village that services all the other villages in the immediate area. Eventually Hoonah is where we would like to plant a church. We have been told that there are believers already in Hoonah waiting for a pastor. 

Tenakee Springs

Population - about 150 

Churches - 

Catholic Church of Tenakee 

Church of Latter Day Saints 

Tenakee Springs needs a gospel witness. 


Population - about 450 

Churches - 

Assembly of God Church 

Presbyterian Church 

Christian Science 


Elfin Cove

Population - about 15 

Churches - none

"Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature." Mark 16:15