On the Road

We began our deputation in July of 2017. As of February of 2018 we have reached 45% of our support goal. God has been so good to us during the past 7 months of deputation. We appreciate all the churches who have sacrificially partnered up with us for support. We are anxiously looking towards the finish line of deputation and the start line to begin ministry in Southeast Alaska. We have meetings all over the country, if you would like to have us visit your church or missions conference before August of 2018 please give me a call. We will do our best to get just about anywhere in the lower 48 and Alaska.

Lord willing we will be able to reach the field by August to October of 2018. Please let me know if we can be a blessing to you in any way. We would love to visit your church and rejoice over what God is doing!


Jonathan Fisher

cell: 619-633-8644

email: jon@fisherstoalaska.org