Pastor Jaysen Brown 

Victory Baptist Church 

El Cajon, CA


RE: Letter of Recommendation for Jonathan Fisher

Dear Pastor.

I want to highly recommend Jonathan Fisher as a Missionary/Church Planter for your church to partner with. He is currently going out on full time deputation with a purpose to go reach the people in Alaska. Any support, wisdom, counsel, or help will be a great blessing.

Jonathan has worked with me for the last 7 years. He has helped in every aspect of the ministry and has proven to be a great servant of the Lord. He is humble, hardworking and full of the Holy Spirit. He has led souls to Christ, baptized them, and discipled many new believers in the Lord. He has developed our teen ministry as the youth pastor and our music ministry as the choir director and song leader. He has developed incredible skills within our administration and is prepared to preach the gospel in regions beyond.

I want to highly encourage you to pick him up for full time financial missions support. He can come and present or preach at your church. Let’s get this young man to the field that God has called him to. He is a prime candidate and ready to go. Please call me if you have any questions.


Pastor Jaysen Brown

Victory Baptist Church


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Pastor Doug Fisher

Lighthouse Baptist Church 

Lemon Grove, CA

June 14, 2017


Re: Letter of Recommendation for the Fisher Family


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing today on behalf of Jonathan and Ruth Fisher.  I have known them both for many years, as Jonathan is my son and Ruth through her father Missionary Kevin Wynne.  Their testimony of conviction, service, sacrifice, and compassion for souls is beyond reproach.   I have witnessed this testimony of them as individuals through their teen years, young adulthood, and now as a family and by God’s grace; I know that they will continue to be steadfast in their devotion to Him.  

Jonathan and Ruth have been serving in the ministry at Victory Baptist Church in El Cajon California.  They have been part of the ministry serving under Pastor Jaysen Brown since the founding of the church.   He has served as the Associate Pastor, teen director, song leader, etc.   He has been an integral part of their tent revivals and outreach ministries, serving faithfully and respectfully under his pastor.

It was at a mission’s conference at Victory that God spoke to them about starting a ministry in Alaska.  The experience that they have as individuals raised in the ministry and as a couple working at a church plant and seeing it through to a vibrant established ministry has prepared them for the practical and spiritual hardships of starting a new ministry.  It is evident in my mind that God guided them to this very purpose and I know that God will bless them in Alaska.

In conclusion, I whole-heartedly recommend the Fisher family as church planters in Alaska and prayerfully ask if you would consider them for a meeting and or support in this endeavor.  If you have any questions or are in need of more information, please feel free to call.


Sincerely in Christ,

Doug Fisher

Senior Pastor 

Pastor Joe Mishler

Lighthouse Baptist Church 

Juneau, AK

Dear Pastor,

It is with a grateful heart that I am writing this letter for Jonathan Fisher!

When God called me to preach, He gave me a burden and vision for the people of southeast Alaska. I was attending Bible Baptist Church, pastored by Doug Duffett, and observed God using this centrally located church in Fairbanks to reach many villages, and support missionaries, throughout the interior. I know of churches in the Anchorage area with similar ministries, but the Alaskan Panhandle was lacking. With very few exceptions, this also is an area accessible only by plane or boat.

In 2005, God led my family to Juneau, Alaska, to pastor Lighthouse Baptist Church. This was a mission work started by Andy Hall, who went to be with the Lord on Thanksgiving Day, 2000. His vision, and mine as well, was to plant a church in Alaska’s capital city of Juneau, and then reach out from there to these many surrounding, isolated villages.

At our mission conference last fall, I asked our folks to pray specifically for the villages of southeast Alaska. We have been praying. While attending a Men’s Retreat north of Anchorage in March, God led Jonathan Fisher and my paths to cross. God knit our hearts together as this young man told me of his vision for our “Judaea” and “Samaria”, the very villages our church has been praying for.

Our church family is committed to assist and support this man and his family in any way we can. Will you join us in prayerfully and financially supporting them and being co-laborers in the work God has called them to in Alaska?

Serving Our Savior in Juneau,

Joe Mishler
Pastor, Lighthouse Baptist Church I Corinthians 2:2

4400 Sesame Street

P.O. Box 33222 Juneau, Alaska 99801